Oh Freedom

Shana Tovah
I came home from Rosh Hashanah services and felt inspired to play. I feel blessed that I belong to a Jewish community that is willing to work through the difficult conversations of race and at the same I’m very frustrated because I often feel like it’s lip service and wonder when will things change.

Racism is ugly and nasty and does not look like it did during the time of slavery, it does not look like it did when my grandparents or when my parents were growing up. Racism is a different animal today but just as ugly and nasty.

I opened up the book to Rise Up Singing and O Freedom jump out at me. I started thinking about the birthday of the world and the violence this past year and the more things change the more they stay the same, all of that swirling around my brain make this the perfect song for me at this moment.

Brought to you by: Rise Up Singing via Huzzaz

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  1. My faith community spent Rosh Hashanah addressing what the community response should be to the refugee crisis in Europe and all I could think about was why would they not think about addressing what the community response should be the refugee crisis in Israel.

    1. Oh man. My community talked about the refugee crises in Europe as well and I was probably thinking the same thing you were thinking but then my awesome rabbi and teacher then spent most of the time talking about issues of race and racism here at home. I was really impressed that the shul was able to discuss both.

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