Hi I'm Sandra. I'll tell you a little about me and not in any particular order, I'm a rabbinical student, a sociologist, personal trainer, food activist, weightlifter, vegan, writer, public speaker, guitar and ukulele player... and there is still more but mostly I want to make the world a better place for all. I hope you follow me on this journey.





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To learn more about my Jewish story and my call to be a Rabbi click here   My Story: My Jewish Path And Rabbinic Path

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Yours is a fascinating story and journey. I just read your post about working with the elderly. I learned a lot about this when my mother was in a retirement community until her death. I loved talking to the folks that lived there, their stories were amazing.
    I am curious to know how you found your way to Judaism. And Mazel Tov on your acceptance to Rabbinical School.
    Sharon Gorberg
    Newton, Ma
    PS Are you going to the Reconstructionist Rabbinical School in Philly?

  2. Hi Sandra, I’m Jim Berger, son of Jean Berger, a resident at Meadowood, and part of your Shabbat group there. Jean died yesterday, at Einstein Montgomery. We’re going to have a small, family funeral on Friday and I was wondering if you might do the ceremony. I hope you get this. I’m trying to reach you also via the Seminary– left a message with Amber Powers. My cell is 203-464-1901. email: Thanks.

  3. Hey Sandra,

    The more I hear your music and learn about your story, the clearer it is to me that we definitely share a very similar karmic mission (that’s the terminology I use as a practicing buddhist). Though born a Catholic and now an active SGI buddhist, I have many close Jewish friends and also have an interest in working with the elderly/hospice work (although I do not currently do that). So anyway, all that to tell you that I recognize that ours is a similar mission and to let you know that I can see your light shining from over here on the other side of the planet. Keep up the good works!

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