How to Support Me 






My Vision

The American Jewish community is changing and starting to look like the rest of America. I want to help build a more inclusive Jewish community where all who want to come are welcomed, diversity is embraced and we can come together to learn, to pray and to eat.





Hello my name is Sandra Lawson. I am the first LGBTQ person of African-American descent accepted to the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, in Wyncote PA. I am raising money for my tuition I need help from everyone to continue my education. My current tuition is about $20,000 and I am also applying for scholarships to help offset that cost but without raising additional funds I will not be able to fulfill my dream of being a rabbi and wanting to help create a welcoming Jewish community for all. 


Spreading the Love

You all have been so generous and please continue to do so! You all share my updates from GoFundMe, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Every share on social media helps. You all are helping to build the kind of community that I want to see in the world.

If you love my message share it with you family, your close friends, coworkers and anyone else that might be interested in my vision. This helps in ways that are hard to imagine.